Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just the begining

Josh and I are in the process of buying our first home, and I have been told that a lot of work goes into being a homeowner but it wasn't until Sunday that I truly understood what this meant. We are purchasing our house from a friend who moved to Germany, so the house has been vacant since January. Needless to say, some interesting things go on when a house goes unoccupied for 7 months.

Sunday morning we worke up early(for a Sunday anyway) and went to "the new house" to mow and clean up the yard. I mowed for 5 HOURS!!!! I had to make 2 trips with the riding lawn mower and then another with the push mower to get to the places the riding mower couldnt reach. While mowing I found a bowling ball, several other balls (baseball, basketball, kick ball, etc. ), a hatchet, an axe, a kickstand for a bike, clothes hangers, Ale-8 bottles, and the list goes on.

Josh removed an old storage shed from the yard, and that took all day as well. It was pretty entertaining to watch him try to break this building down. He started out with a crow bar and hammer to remove the door and windows, then ripped the siding off. He figured he could just rip the rest of the building apart with the hammer and crow bar as well. WRONG! Next he tried to flip the building on it side using leverage so he could remove the roof, that didnt work either. The buidling was tilited half on the ground, half off, but refused to topple over. Then he got a wench and tried to use that in combination with the leverage. That didnt work either. Finally he took it down wall by wall with a sledge hammer. I wish I had pictures to go along with this post!

After 9 hours of work, we still needed to trim the trees, remove the weeds and old fencing from around the house, clean out the flower beds, and remove 2 swing sets from the backyard. Josh went back on Tuesday and finished up most of the work. We are meeting with a contractor sometime soon to talk about the repairs inside the house. Hopefully in 30-45 days we will be in a nice new house. Pictures in the near future.....I promise!

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